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March 2011

The Last Roof You’ll Ever Need

By GAF Laminated Shingle Roofing, GAF Master Elite Roofers, Roofing Contractor, Roofing Services

Fichtner Services is excited to announce a ground breaking lifetime limited warranty on all GAF laminated shingles. According to a press release on the GAF website, this amazing guarantee is made possible because of GAF’s Advanced Protection technology, introduced to the industry in 2007. This innovative single technology has resulted in shingles that offer superior durability and wind resistance.

“As a company, we are committed to advanced quality, industry-leading expertise, and solutions that make our customers’ lives simple – which is what this warranty upgrade is all about,” stated Bob Tafaro, President and CEO of GAF. “Homeowners will benefit from knowing that their installed shingles are warranted for a lifetime, adding significant value to their home. At a time when Americans are facing so much uncertainty about the future, you can be sure that GAF will be there decades from now to stand by the performance of our roofing products.”

Fichtner Services is especially glad to be able to offer homeowners in Maryland GAF laminated shingle roofing. GAF shingles not only provide superior protection and durability for your roof, but added value and beauty to your home. Only GAF Master Elite Roofers can offer enhanced warranties. Contact Fichtner Services for more details and find out how you can get the last roof you’ll ever need.