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March 2012

James Hardie is #1 for the 7th Year in a Row

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For seven consecutive years, fiber cement siding has been ranked as the number one return on investment according to the Remodeling 2011-12 Cost vs. Value Report.

About the Survey

The most recent report was released in November 2011 and marked the 25th anniversary of the report which covers the 35 most popular home remodeling and renovation projects. The report compares construction costs for popular projects against the share of the costs that is recovered in resale. The report includes both national and regional averages.

“Replacement projects are again performing better in resale value than other types of remodeling,” said Sal Alfano, Editorial Director of REMODELING in a press release. “Seven of the 10 top-ranked projects include exterior replacements of siding, windows, and doors. This is partly because they impact curb appeal and also because they are relatively low cost.”

Fiber cement siding replacement is a relatively new addition to the list, added in 2005. Since its addition to the survey, it has ranked first every year for best return on investment showing less than a 0.6% cost increase than the year before.

The Buzz for James Hardie Siding
Siding contractors aren’t the only ones touting the benefits of James Hardie cement fiber siding:

  • Money magazine called HardiPlank® a great value; a smart investment that delivers on durability
  • Smart Money magazine listed James Hardie in its Smart Fiscal Sense feature
  • Called the #1 Quality Exterior Lap Siding Product for the past thirteen years by Builder magazine (1998-2011)
  • James Hardie siding has been featured on over 20 Southern Living, Costal Living, and Sunset magazine Idea Houses
  • Over 50 Houses on ABC’s Extreme Home Makeover have used James Hardie fiber cement siding

Fichtner Services Featured Home with James Hardie Siding, Davidsonville, MD

The Pros Know

There are many projects that you can tackle as a homeowner, but re-siding with fiber cement gives you the best return on investment.

  • Re-siding with fiber cement gives a 27% better return on investment than adding a bathroom and costs $27K less to complete
  • Replacing your roof gives you 22% less return on investment than re-siding with fiber cement
  • Replacing windows nets 9% less return on investment than fiber cement re-siding

Ficthner Services is a James Hardie Preferred Remodeler

For such an important project, trust an authorized James Hardie contractor. James Hardie partners with the best siding contractors from around the country to give homeowners reassurance that their product will be installed correctly. All James Hardie Preferred Remodelers must meet specific requirements prior to gaining membership into the program.

To become a Preferred Remodeler of James Hardie siding, Fichtner Services had to demonstrate compliance with James Hardie Installation Best Practices and show a professional sales approach. James Hardie Preferred Remodelers must have been in business for 4 years as the same company under the same name and hold a satisfactory record with the Better Business Bureau or other accredited rating agency. Fichtner Services fulfilled additional requirements by being state licensed and fully bonded and insured.

If you are interested in learning more about James Hardie fiber cement siding and would like a free estimate for your project, contact Fichtner Services to schedule a consultation.

Spring Home Checklist

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Now that spring is finally arriving, it’s time to get outside and see what Old Man Winter has done to your home. Wind, snow, ice and the freeze-thaw cycle can take their toll on your home’s protective shell. Assessments should also be done after major storms.

Here is a checklist of things to look for:


  • Are there curling, missing or broken shingles?
  • Is there loose material at chimneys, pipes and other roof penetrations?
  • Is there shingle grain in gutters? This gives added weight and protection from the UV rays.
  • Are there wet areas on the inside of your home indicating roof or siding leaks?
  • Are there any sagging areas on the roof?
  • Are there cracks or missing mortar in the chimney?
  • Is there debris collected on the roof?
  • Are there tree branches close to the roof?
  • Do you see any signs of water intrusion or light coming through in the attic?


  • Are the gutters overflowing?
  • Are they coming away from the house, sagging or dipping?
  • Are they full of debris?  Now is a good time to have Leaf Relief gutter guards installed.


  • Are there any loose, missing or cracked pieces of siding or trim?
  • Is there any rotten wood, including window and door trim, soffit and fascia?
  • Is the caulking around windows and doors cracked?


  • Are your windows drafty or uninsulated?
  • Have the seals failed allowing moisture between the panes?
  • Are they hard to open and close properly?

Now is the time to take care of any issues before they become costly problems.  Fichtner Services can help.   Call us for a FREE ESTIMATE or to schedule a Maintenance Service for any of the above items.

Call (410) 519-1900

Featured Project: Edgewater, MD

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“When I leave home, I can’t wait to get back,” says Donna Schummer of Edgewater. One couldn’t blame her. The Schummers have built their Nantucket style dream home on a hill overlooking the South River, with a beautiful view from every window.



Fichtner Services worked with the Schummers to install James Hardie Cedarmill Shakes and Board and Batten siding in Light Mist. In addition, Fichtner Services installed GAF Timberline shingles in Pewter Gray, several copper standing seam roofs, two Duradek walkable roof decks and 6″ half-round gutters with round downspouts.