Are Chimney Issues Making Your Roof Leak?

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One of the main culprits for roof leaks is chimney issues, especially after a long, soaking rain. Water comes down inside or outside of the chimney, inside the flue, or along the roof line from the chimney. Fichtner Services checks roof and flashing first for installation and maintenance issues but many leaks are due to the chimney cap or the brick and mortar itself.

Chimney Leak Causes

1) Roofing and Flashing Installation Errors or Maintenance Problems

Unfortunately, some leaks are due to installation error or poor material selection. Most of the time, though, leaks are caused by maintenance issues. Over time, flashing should be re-caulked where it ties into the brick or stone chimney.

2) An Open Flue Pipe

Without a cover over the flue pipe, water and debris can enter the chimney. The easiest and best solution to keep 90% of the rain out is with a cover.

3) The Concrete Cap is Porous and Allows Water Into the Chimney

Brick and mortar are porous materials. Just as with a sponge, water is absorbed by these materials and over time, it can slowly leak out. The best way to prevent absorption is with a sheet metal cap and 5% silicone spray-seal by Drylok. In most cases, this combination will completely stop water intrusion into the home.

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