April 2019 – Memorial Day – We Remember

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Memorial Day - We Remember

Military Appreciation Month

It is Military Appreciation Month and we would like to show our appreciation to one of our own at Fichtner Services: Steve Finn.

Staff Sergeant Steven J Finn spent almost 13 years in the United States Marine Corps. SSgt Finn (we call him Steve at work!) did FIVE (5) deployments overseas: 4 tours in Iraq and 1 to Afghanistan. SSgt Finn was in the VMU-2 Night Owls under the 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing (MAW).

Steve now resides in Gambrills with 3 beautiful girls in his life: wife Charli, and daughters Evelyn and Izzy.  Steve works as a manager and estimator with us at Fichtner Services.  Thanks again to you Steve and ALL the Service Men and Women that are serving and have served our country.

Home of the Month - May 2019

May is National Historic Preservation Month! What other city in America encompasses more about historic preservation than Annapolis does? The city of Annapolis became one of the first cities in the country named as a National Historic Landmark District (NHLD). This designation was made 50 years ago, and the Historic Preservation Commission in Annapolis has been working hard to preserve the authentic look and feel of Annapolis ever since.

Our featured Home of the Month is an historic home in Annapolis belonging to Vernon (V.P.) Loggins and his wife Becky. The home was built in 1900 and has been well maintained. However, the roof was becoming a problem, so V.P. reached out to Fichtner Services to take a look.  The existing terne metal had about 100 coats of paint and could not handle one more layer! A roof replacement was in order and the closest possible match was a 1 inch standing seam his historic panel, with fully folded seams into all joints at hips, ridges, and flashing areas. The new roof, with some hidden modern day technology, came out looking and feeling as historic as it once did 120 years ago. Our customer V.P. Loggins could not have been more thrilled! V.P. had this to say about our work: “We are quite pleased not only with the roof but also with all of the people involved. Fichtner Services personnel were a delight to work with. Thanks to you and all the staff.”

V.P. is a published writer and poet. His poetry works include The Green Cup (2017), winner of the Cider Press Review Editors’ Book Prize, The Fourth Paradise (2010), and Heaven Changes (2007), as well as two critical books on Shakespeare.  You can see more information about V.P. Loggins and his works at www.vploggins.com.

Fichtner Services Wins The 2019 Capital Reader's Choice Award!


Steve Hawk with Artisan Renovations is our referral winner for April!  We have installed a number of products for them including shingle roofing, gutters, Acrymax roof coating, metal roofing and various repairs.  We really appreciate the partnership!

Steve says, “I have been working with Fichtner services for over ten years. I would recommend them to anyone. They know their products and how to install them with high quality workmanship.




Metal Roof Repair

Summer Roof Checklist

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With summer on the way and thunderstorms prevalent during this season, now is the time to inspect your roof. Warm temperatures and sunny days make this the prime time for repairs and a total roof replacement. Here are some issues to look for which will tell you if your roof needs work.

Here is a checklist of things to look for:

Look at Shingles

As shingles age, they lose their ability to protect the roof adequately. They may start to curl or crack. Old shingles will crumble, so you may notice some missing. If your shingles need to be replaced, you want to get it taken care of soon because they will allow water into your home.

Check for Leaks

It can be difficult to recognize leaks on a roof. You’ll want to check the flashing and around any vents. Look around gutters and windows to notice leaks before they cause significant damage. If in doubt, you can look in your attic for dark spots which indicate where water has found an entrance.

Analyze Ventilation

You can reduce energy costs by making sure your attic has enough ventilation. You also want to allow humidity an escape. Otherwise, you’re setting up the attic as a place where mold and mildew can grow. If your attic has poor ventilation, a roofing contractor can provide a proposal to improve your ventilation before hot weather arrives.

Check Surrounding Trees

You can reduce energy costs by making sure your attic has enough ventilation. You also want to allow humidity an escape. Otherwise, you’re setting up the attic as a place where mold and mildew can grow. If your attic has poor ventilation, a roofing contractor can provide a proposal to improve your ventilation before hot weather arrives.

When to Perform an Inspection of Your Roof

Summer temperatures can be hard on the roof while thunderstorms can do significant damage. Take time to inspect your roof and attic before summer arrives. If you find the roof needs repairs or to be replaced, you can schedule a roofing company before they get booked for the summer.

If you aren’t sure about doing the inspection yourself, you can hire a roofing team to come in and look at your roof. They will review all the features of your roof and provide an estimate of any repairs that are needed.

When a professional roofing company comes in and does an inspection, they want to make sure your roof can handle the heat as well as any summer storms. They check that it is in working condition and look for ways to ensure the life of your roof hasn’t been reduced through poor maintenance.

So, here’s a quick checklist for you to review when you inspect your roof this summer:

  • Inspect shingles for damage or for those that are missing
  • Look for signs of leaks
  • Check ventilation
  • Trim and remove tree limbs that overhang the house

April 2019 – Newsletter

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Happy Earth Day from Fichtner Services


Solar energy is one of the fastest growing types of alternative energy resources. More homeowners are installing solar roofs to reduce energy costs and to lessen their impact on the environment. It’s important to understand some basics about solar roofs, such as how installation works, who can have solar panels installed and the benefits for choosing to go solar. Another really important thing to consider is the roof below the panels.  If you are considering installing solar panels, you may be interested in the following information from Colin Gload, one of the co-founders of Lumina Solar.

Q and A with Lumina Solar!

Would Solar Panels Work on My Roof?

An ideal roof for solar is a roof that faces south, with little to no shade.   While that is ideal, most customers are not perfectly south, and most have at least a little bit of shade.   As long as the house is not fully shaded, and there is enough available roof space to put panels, we will usually be able to come up with a solution for you.

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost?

This is a great question, and as you can imagine probably one we get asked the most.  It is a common misconception that people need to shell out $20-30k to put solar on your roof when really that isn’t the case.  You certainly can pay cash to buy your system, but around 80% of our customers go solar with nothing out of pocket.  This is done through either a PPA/Lease arrangement or through a $0 down loan option.  In either scenario, you are replacing your high electric bill with clean energy, and getting a more consistent and lower payment with the solar.  If you choose to buy a system, there are some great incentives available to help with the cost.

How Much Will I Save on My Energy Bills?

The savings are going to differ depending on the site quality, and the offering the customer chooses, but typically we can show 20-30% savings.  One of the things to consider is not just the long term savings, but the savings over 10, 15, or 20 years.  Utility rates are continuing to climb higher, and customers that go solar save money from day one but also know exactly what they will be paying for power in the long run.  This predictability and control are extremely valuable to people who switch to solar.   

What Do I Need To Do To Prepare for Installation?

At Lumina Solar, we handle the whole process start to finish for you.  Step 1 is doing a full site survey of the home.  The two biggest things we look for are the roof condition and the electrical setup.   If the roof isn’t in great condition, we typically recommend getting a roof looked at by someone such as Fichtner to get a quote for replacement.  You are putting on solar panels that will be operational for 25+ years, so having a new roof is a smart move.  In terms of electrical, sometimes we run into old breaker boxes that we need to replace, or need some work. That electrical work can often times be rolled into the project.

What’s Ahead in the Future of Solar?   

Over the next decade, we are going to continue to see the shift to renewable energy, and more specifically distributed solar.  It is the smart thing to do, not only for the environment but for long term cost stability.   There are still some great incentives being offered by the Federal Government, the State of Maryland, and also some counties as well.   On top of this, we are excited to start offering battery back-up solutions and EV charging units with our solar installations as well.  The future is solar, give us a call at Lumina for a free evaluation!

Have You Been Thinking
About Going Solar?

We’ve now collaborated with Lumina Solar for several recent projects and highly recommend their services.  There are many things that need to go into installing solar panels – and starting with a healthy roof is step one.

Lumina Solar is incorporating the newest technology, and best financing in the industry in order to help homeowners go solar. Their team has 50+ years of combined solar experience, and makes the process of going solar easy!

Visit LuminaSolar.com

Fichtner Services Wins The 2019 Capital Reader's Choice Award!


Thank You and Congratulations go out to Mrs. Lois Tuwiner of Riva!

Mrs. Tuwiner referred 4 of her neighbors to us and she was randomly chosen to be our March Referral Program winner! She is pictured here in front of one of her beautiful gardens holding her prize, a new iPad! We always appreciate receiving the highest compliments any company can get – referrals from our happy customers!

Here is what Mrs. Tuwiner has to say about us, “I felt comfortable referring Fichtner for several reasons. The company is responsive and they do good work. Workers are polite and have excellent work ethic. We have had good history with the company. I choose Fichtner because we have gotten outstanding service and workmanship from the company. They put a roof on our old house in Upper Marlboro and in Annapolis. I was so impressed with the drone picture Scott took which helped me to understand the recent problem with the chimney.”