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One of our most recent jobs was a full roof replacement for Joy Reigns Lutheran Church in Edgewater, MD. Our dedicated crew was able to produce a beautiful finished product, and we got to use the Fichtner Services crane to very carefully remove the churches’ old steeple that was causing leakage. We paid close attention to this process because they hope to repurpose the steeple in the future!

As we began working on this project, we could not help but notice a part of the church that stood out to us. Their “Joy Thrift” entrance stuck with us, and we want to recognize it. We are just as grateful to Joy Reigns for their business as we are for what they are doing for their local community. During these uncertain times, affordable and available clothes and household goods mean so much more to those who need them. Profits from this ministry support local needs like weekend backpacks for food insecure children, a baby pantry supplying diapers and wipes, a recovery rental assistance program, and a local emergency assistance fund, not to mention various Lutheran missions across the nation and world. Joy Reigns is able to provide these things because of their dedication to the betterment of their community. We could not be happier to work with such a great organization!

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