Safety is Our Top Priority!

We just closed out the month of June which is national safety month!  Fichtner Services takes safety precautions very seriously and jobsite safety is actually a daily concern for us.  To help us with our safety program, we’ve been partnering with safety expert Randy Gardner of RG Risk Management Services for the last 6 years.  Randy handles safety program for a wide range of clients, from huge energy companies, to small owner operated installation crews. He handles all of our required OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and MOSH (Maryland Occupational Safety and Health) training, inspections and implementation of safety programs.

We get a visit from Randy on a monthly basis to do our required “Tool Box Talks”, which cover a variety of subjects that are important to our workers and customers alike. Our main concern is fall protection in our business, but other issues such as overhead power lines, falling debris, distracted driving, forklift training and more are reviewed. If you have any needs for Randy’s services, he can be reached at 410-703-7008 or rgriskmanagementservices@gmail.com.

Fichtner Services Wins New Awards!

We are excited to announce that we won several awards in the What’s Up Annapolis, What’s Up West County and What’s Up Eastern Shore magazines:  “Best Roofing Contractor”, “Best Window/Door Contractor”, and “Best Siding/Gutter Contractor”!  We are proud to have experienced and detail-oriented installers in each of these categories, making us a true complete exterior remodeler!  We thank everyone who took the time to vote for us and has supported us for the last 25 years!

Summer Storm Inspection Checklist

Summer is here – time for cookouts, swimming in the pool and vacations!  But it also means the arrival of severe, damaging storms.  Before you are hit by a storm, be proactive.  Review your Homeowner’s Insurance policy to make sure you are aware of what is covered, and document your home and personal property with photos and video.

Most homeowners fail to inspect their home after a storm, especially if there is no reason to suspect a problem, however that can be a costly mistake and a huge headache.  To prevent bigger problems such as structural damage, mold and leaks, it is imperative to inspect all elements of the exterior of your home, starting with the roof.  Here is a checklist of what to look for on the outside:


  • Loose or missing shingles or metal flashing
  • Dented, torn or gouged shingles
  • Holes from debris
  • Tree limbs or other large debris on roof

Exterior Walls

  • Dents or holes in siding
  • Missing siding, soffit or fascia
  • Cracks or splits

Windows and Doors

  • Shattered or broken window panes
  • Fogging between panes
  • Damage to trim or frame

Damage can range from annoying to downright dangerous. If you find any damage, there are certain steps you need to take to secure your safety and make sure your home is restored to it’s prior condition.  If the damage is severe, or there are dangerous conditions such as downed power lines or issues with a gas line or tree on a house, you will need to vacate the property immediately.

  • Document the damage by taking pictures and video of both interior and exterior damage.
  • Call in a contractor to inspect and tarp the damage so as to prevent further water intrusion. Do your homework and hire a local, reputable contractor, not a storm chaser who may not be properly licensed or insured for your area.
  • Call your Homeowner’s Insurance Agent to file a claim for the damage. Your contractor may meet the adjuster at your home to assess the damage.
  • Receive an estimate from the contractor for restoring your property.
  • Communicate with your Insurance Agent regarding the Scope of Work for the repairs and what they are going to compensate you for. Most times homeowners have a deductible to meet.
  • Coordinate with your contractor to have your property restored.


Congratulations go out to Ms. Maureen O’Rourke of Heritage Harbor!  Ms. O’Rourke is our referral winner for May and she chose this bright green Grizzly cooler as her prize.  We replaced her roof in 2013 and she has been referring Fichtner Services to her friends and neighbors ever since and says it’s because we are trustworthy.

Thank you Ms. O’Rourke for the highest compliment we can get – your referrals!  If you want a chance to win an awesome prize, make sure your referrals mention your name when they call in for their estimate, or you can CLICK HERE to fill out our form!




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