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Since the very first Earth Day on April 22, 1970, the building industry has come a long way in manufacturing and installing earth-friendly building products. It is easier than ever to “Be Green” when it comes to choosing which roofing, siding, or other exterior products to install on your home. Some options for homeowners to consider include:

– Using products that are manufactured to include recycled materials, or are produced in a Green manufacturing process with minimal impact to the environment.

-Installing “Cool” products that have a reflective property, greatly reducing energy used for cooling homes.  Many of these products are eligible for tax rebates as well.  Look for the Energy Star logo.

-Going Solar!  Install solar powered attic fans or hot water heaters and watch your energy bills drop!

-Installing energy efficient windows, doors, suntunnels and skylights.

-Installing attic insulation is the best bang for your energy dollar. 

-Making sure that your home is properly vented- this is important for year-round energy efficiency and comfort.

-Choosing building products that will stand the test of time, keeping unnecessary waste out of the landfills. For example, GAF makes a variety of lifetime shingles, meaning that this could be the only roof you ever install on your home.  Other long-lasting options would include fiber cement siding and metal roofing.

 By choosing wisely, homeowners can do their part to save the environment and save money too!  At Fichtner Services we recommend that you don’t just renovate, you GREENOVATE!