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It’s been over two weeks since Maryland was affected by the Earthquake and Hurricane Irene. Now that all of the power has been restored to our area, major debris has been cleared away, and everyone is getting back to “normal”, it is important for homeowners to take a close look at their homes to inspect for hurricane and earthquake damage that might have been overlooked.


Hurricane and Earthquake Damage – What to Look For:

• Missing Shingles or Ridge Vent
• Missing or Loose Siding or Trim
• Overflowing or Loose Gutters
• Wet Spots or Sagging Ceilings or Walls Inside Home
• Debris Embedded Through Roof or Siding
• Blown Off Chimney Caps
• Cracked Windows
• Cracked Foundation or Brick Chimney

Some of the damage from the earthquake or hurricane may seem insignificant, but even the tiniest problems can lead to big trouble if left unfixed. With the winter months coming, rain, snow and cold air can enter your home through small holes in the roof or siding, potentially causing major damage. Also, water can seep into cracks in the foundation or brick and freeze in cold months, worsening the damage.

Fichtner Services has been working with homeowners throughout Annapolis and Baltimore, providing emergency repair service for those affected by the earthquake and hurricane. Some repairs may be covered by your homeowners insurance.
If you think that your home has damage from the earthquake or hurricane, contact us to schedule an appointment for a consultation and inspection.