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Fichtner Home Exteriors is excited to be the FIRST contractor in the state of Maryland to install the F-Wave Revia Synthetic Roofing Shingle!

This roof was installed at Deep Creek Lake in Garrett County, which gets a heavy snow and ice load every winter.

The F-Wave shingle offers beautiful aesthetics, closely resembling cedar shingles or slate, each in several colors, but with SIGNIFICANT cost savings over both.  F-Wave offers amazing curb appeal with substantial 50 year warranties for wind, hail, fading and cracking.  The shingles are a tough, single piece construction, made with thermoplastics, an earth friendly reusable resource, instead of asphalt.

From the F-Wave website:  “A proprietary blend of commercial-grade polymers with enhanced impact strength and UV resistance created in a patented manufacturing process. These elements combine to make our shingles thicker, stronger, lighter, and more durable. They are also resistant to fire, wind, cracking, and fading. REVIA® Shingles are designed to provide years of maintenance-free performance with remarkable style that instantly improves the value of your home. Add it all up and REVIA® is your best option for a much better roof.”

If you are considering a new cedar or slate roof, you owe it to yourself, your wallet and your home to consider F-Wave shingles.  Check it out here –

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