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Metal Roofing FAQs

What is the cost difference between a metal roof and a shingle roof?
  • Metal roofing up-front cost can be anywhere from 3 to 4 times more expensive than a standard shingle roof. This may come as a shock to some, but over the life expectancy of the product, the price per year is about the same. There are some factors that make metal roofing more expensive. First, the labor to build and install metal roofing panels is much more difficult and time-consuming than a shingle roof. A shingle roof that would take about one day to install would take between 5-10 days to install in standing-seam metal. On top of significantly higher labor costs, there is also a disparity between the prices of the materials. Roofing shingles are considerably cheaper than the metal that is turned into metal roofing panels. Because of these two factors, a typical shingle roof of $10,000 would be roughly $30,000 or more.
How long will a metal roof last?
  • According to the Metal Roofing Alliance (MRA), metal roofing is expected to last for over 50 years, while others have expressed a 75-100 year life expectancy. This is 3-4 times longer than traditional roofing products. It can be extremely durable, with wind ratings over 140 mph. This makes it a good choice in areas that see a lot of storms. Places such as the Florida Keys and the Caribbean have transitioned to using solely metal roofing for this reason. Its durability can also shine through in areas where there may be a lot of snow and ice in the winter months. It is strong enough to hold up to winter weather, storm-like winds, and even does well against hail, making it a great choice in all areas and climates.
Can metal roofing come in different colors?
  • Yes! Metal roofing comes in many different colors. The standard standing-seam metal roofing that Fichtner Services typically installs can be made with a wide range of about 40 colors. Metal roofing is very customizable, allowing for the homeowner’s vision and design to really show through.
Do metal roofs require any type of special care?
  • Metal roofing typically requires very little maintenance. They are easily cleaned, with a simple power wash blasting off any type of dirt or grime that may have accumulated on the metal. The metal that is used is Galvalume, which is very rust-resistant and also has a Kynar coating.  A metal roof will certainly show signs of aging the older it gets, but that is to be expected with any product. As with any roof, there is maintenance that will be needed, such as re-caulking flashing points and replacing pipe collars, which should be done about every 10 years.
Can metal roofing be installed on a flat roof?
  • Yes, metal roofing can be used on very low-pitched roofs. There needs to be a 1/12 pitch or more, which is too low for shingle roofs. It can be used to cover a porch, patio, or deck and is viewed as both a cosmetic and functional upgrade from some other flat roofing products.
Could I use a combination of shingles and metal roofing on my house?
  • Certainly! Combining shingle and metal roofing provides great curb appeal and value to homeowners. A great example of this would be shingle roofing on the main roof of the house, with metal roofing on the accents and over the front porch. This would give the homeowner the flexibility of a lower cost on the main roof but includes the style and durability of metal roofing on other areas of the house.
What types of metal roofing does Fichtner Services install?
  • Fichtner Services installs copper, steel, and aluminum standing-seam metal roofing. “Standing seam” refers to the shape that the flat sheet metal becomes after it goes through a roll-forming machine. The standing seam is made up of a male and female leg, with the male leg having a single up-turn and the female leg with an up and down leg.  This ensures that no water enters the panel system. There are two different types of standing-seam metal roofing,  standard and historic. Our standard seam is 1.5” tall, whereas a historic seam has a 1” high rib. Historic seams are also folded over themselves to provide more strength and a more durable water-tight seal in low slope applications. The metal roofs in historic areas such as the Annapolis Historic District must be replaced with historic standing-seam metal roofing but with an additional requirement that the double-locked seams also fold into the peaks and hips.  This is very labor-intensive to accomplish but looks great in the end!
I have an older metal roof, what can I do to revitalize it?
  • An old metal roof isn’t one of the most visually pleasing things in the world. There are some cosmetic ways that they can be upgraded, such as painting or refinishing them. These quick fixes may help with the appearance of the roof, but do nothing for its strength or overall well-being. Fichtner Services uses an elastomeric roof coating system called Acrymax, that not only provides an aesthetic upgrade in a variety of colors, but extends the life of metal roofing systems in many different ways. This coating begins with a fabric underlayment and is then rolled on like a paint, which then thickens and helps preserve the metal underneath. Using this coating provides many benefits for the health of your metal roof. This product provides both moisture and thermal protection, ENERGY STAR®-certified efficiency, extreme durability, and cool roofing solutions. An Acrymax coating restores metal roofs that can not only meet historic restoration standards, but provide continued water resistance and weather protection. Not to mention the thousands of dollars saved by homeowners across the nation with an Acrymax roof coating! Fichtner Services is an Acrymax Approved Applicator, and we would be more than happy to evaluate your metal roof for potentially adding this amazing roof protection system. For more information, check out Acrymax, or visit our website!

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