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The weather in Maryland keeps getting more and more extreme, the most recent storm producing a tornado in Anne Arundel County which ripped through Edgewater and Annapolis causing extensive damage along the way.  From uprooted trees to roofs lifted off houses, total destruction happened almost instantaneously. Fichtner Services responded immediately to numerous homes damaged during the storm.  We pulled tree trunks and limbs out of brand new roofs that we had installed only weeks before. We carried plywood up ladders to reconstruct roofs that had been sucked off by the tornado just so we could install a tarp to save family valuables. We boarded up garage doors and windows that had been torn out and disappeared.  Our guys worked in the pouring down rain and into the darkness to secure people’s homes and belongings. 

We are very glad and amazed that no one was injured from this storm in Anne Arundel County (including our own guys!).  As we begin to help homeowners pick up the pieces to repair and rebuild, we continue to assist in the process. One theme we have heard from everyone is that they don’t know what the process is, don’t have the time, and were not expecting this to be thrust upon them.

There are several things the homeowner with damage to their home should do very quickly:

  • First, be sure to stay away from areas that could pose a hazard, such as downed power lines, gas leaks, and areas so severely damaged that collapse could occur.
  • You are going to get bombarded with storm chasers. When profits are had, they will be gone. PLEASE call your local, trusted, community-involved contractors to see if they can help. Do not sign anything with these storm chasers.
  • Before any tarping or boarding up is done, take photographs and video of the damage.
  • Do not make repairs or replacements until your insurance company has approved it.
  • Call your insurance company as soon as possible to get a claim started.
  • Get compromised areas tarped or boarded up to prevent further damage.
  • Your insurance company usually provides estimates first, and then your local contractor can build off of that. Sometimes your contractor needs to revise or build his own quote.

Here is a brochure from the Maryland Insurance Administration with a FAQ on weather-related damage as it relates to your home and personal property:

Now maybe a good time to get out your insurance policy and review what it actually covers.  When you first bought the policy, you may have opted out of certain clauses that you thought you may never need. Maybe now is the time to revisit those.  Fichtner Services is happy to assist with your storm-related damage and insurance claim.  Just give us a call.

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