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Project of the Month: July 2021

St. John’s College Metal Roof

July’s Project of the Month is a job that we are very proud to be able to showcase. Pinkney Hall sits on the back lawn of St. John’s College, which borders College Avenue. This lawn is where the annual St. John’s versus the Naval Academy croquet match takes place. When St. John’s reached out about replacing the metal roof on this dormitory, we jumped at the opportunity. Our metal roofing crews did a wonderful job replacing the old roof with a new 26-gauge steel roof in white, complete with white powder-coated snow guards!

This job was unique in more ways than one. The City of Annapolis requires historic buildings to follow the Annapolis Historic Preservation guidelines. To summarize, these roofs have to be replaced as they would have been when Maryland was one of the 13 colonies! Thankfully we now have much more advanced equipment, but there are times when we have to do it the old-fashioned way. When we get to the seams at the peaks and hips, we use a hammer and anvil and some good old-fashioned elbow grease to fold the overlaps into place!

Another factor that made this job exciting was the height of the building itself. Pinkney Hall stands at a staggering 64 feet tall! The height required us to transport all materials using the Fichtner Services crane, which makes completing the work much more rewarding for everyone involved. We are very proud that St. John’s College chose to trust us with this unique and exciting project. We strive to be a supportive, local company in the Annapolis area and hope to continue to be fortunate enough to work on projects comparable to this one.

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