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Fichtner Services was recently hired for a unique project! Our installers used their expert craftsmanship to build this large bank of 15 custom made Velux skylights. Using stained cedar, we were able to match the interior and curbs of these skylight mounts for a clean, uniform appearance.

Even with how well the project came out, it was not without its challenges. Getting the exact measurements is imperative on a project of this scale, which makes for a longer installation time. Ensuring the safety of our installers is always at the forefront of every project that we take on, and the position of these skylights made that challenging. Some installers were stationed on the roof, some inside the house, and a few more below to ensure everyone’s safety, and proper installation. We are very happy about how well this project turned out, and have no one but our wonderful crew members to thank!

Our client was thrilled with the final product as well, and wrote this amazingly detailed review of the job from start to finish:

“If you want to get your roof done by the ultimate pros, call Fichtner. We could not have had a better experience getting a roof full of forty year old skylights replaced. It was an enormous job. Every aspect of working with this company was professional, smooth, and a pleasure. Their prices were competitive, and the original rep was communicative, thorough and straightforward about timing and details and agreed to some particular details. The heavy spring rains turned our roads to mud and it was necessary to move the date three weeks.

The team at the office could not have been more accommodating or cooperative, making sure things happened in a way that worked for the customer first. Things were set up seamlessly. Their team of worker craftsmen were gentlemanly, kind, incredibly hard working and skilled. We all had to communicate daily on comings and goings with gates, two rambunctious German Shepherds, and other complications. After having to change things up a couple of times in one day, one of their crew told me, "Do not worry, we are working together." It felt like it all the way through with everyone in the company.

This was not an easy job. The skylights extend the length of the roof, were huge, old, and the roof had a steep pitch and was three stories up. Not a pop off job, either, a pry off job at that height and heavy as could be. They had to tie up from the exact opposite side of the house.

Tom Fichtner dropped by to introduce himself and see how the job was going. They cleaned up each day and left the place immaculate inside and out. It was a four day job. Just cannot say enough about how great they were to work with and each day the roof and skylight and wood came beautifully into place, restoring the house. At one point I noticed two of the guys going over something thoughtfully and as if thinking aloud they said, "We're trying to be sure you never have any problems with this." When the skylight were in and done, the light in the house from all that new glass, now far more energy efficient and protective, was stunning. Beautiful wood frames. It made the house, essentially.

Again, the clean-up was so thorough you never would have known they were there except the place now looked fabulous. Use Fichtner. They'll treat your house as if it's their house and give you the best roof possible. Beautiful work.”

~ Marianne M.

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