Roof Repair Services in Annapolis Maryland

Believe it or not, like the rest of your home, your roof requires regular maintenance to keep it water tight. From the flashing around your chimney to the collars that surround the vent pipes protruding from your roof, it is a worthwhile investment to have Fichtner Services come out to perform a “Roof Maintenance Check-Up”. Even if you aren’t seeing signs of a roof leak.

Common Roof Leak Repairs

Fichtner Services can perform roof leak repairs due to storm damage or improper installation to steep slope systems including shingles, cedar, slate and metal roofs. We can also offer roof repair for EPDM, Duradek and TPO single-ply membrane flat roof systems. For liability reasons we do not work on hot tar or torch down roof systems.

Cracked ShingleBroken Ridge VentDamaged Pipe Collar

“Wow. What an amazing company! We had a few roof leaks, and after making several calls to local roofing contractors who either never returned our call or never came out for an estimate, we were finally referred to Fichtner Services. Not only did we receive prompt service and attention, the contractors showed up to our house on time, finished the job in less than two hours, and cleaned up beautifully when they finished.”

Roof Repair vs. Roof Replacement

One of the most frequently asked questions by Annapolis and Baltimore area homeowners is should I repair or replace my roof. There is no easy answer. The best thing is to hire a trusted roofing contractor, like Fichtner Services, to perform a roof inspection. The roofing contractor will look for damage to the roof and determine the extent of the roof leak.

Key things to consider when trying to decide roof repair vs. roof replacement are:

  • The age of the current roofing system – an older roof is more likely to need a roof replacement while a new roof would be better to repair.
  • Aesthetics of the current roof and home – a roof replacement can make a dramatic improvement in the look of a home. If you suspect you need a roof repair, the time may be right for a replacement roof and home makeover instead.
  • Weather protection – one of the most important functions of a roofing system is adequate weather protection. If your roof is not sufficiently protecting your home from the elements or conserving energy, a roof replacement may make more sense than a roof repair.
  • Selling a home – One of the key things prospective buyers look for when buying a home is a sound roof. If your roof is outdated, you may increase your selling potential and get a higher price if you have the roof replaced.

Fichtner Services offers both roof repair and roof replacement services for shingle roofs, cedar roofs, slate and metal roofs and flat roofing systems. We offer free roofing estimates and can help you weight the options to make the best decision for your home.

Roof Maintenance Services

Generally speaking, a roof inspection should be performed once a year, but at least every few years. During the roof inspection, the roofing contractor will look for signs of damage and leaks. A roof inspection from Fichtner Services includes:

  • General Inspection of the entire roof
  • Replacing damaged or missing shingles
  • Resealing any caulked areas
  • Replacing any dry-rotted or cracked pipe collars
  • Cleaning out and tightening gutters

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