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Metal Roofing Installations & Replacements

In recent years metal roofs have gained the attention of both homeowners and commercial building owners due to the wide variety of styles and colors available. Metal roofing systems add architectural interest to the home or building, as well as offering product longevity.

Annapolis & Severna Park roofing contractor Fichtner Services offers a range of choices for metal roofing along with expert installation and maintenance services. Our experience working with metal is second to none in Maryland. We offer two types of panels for a distinctive look:

  • 1” Historic Seam for a more hand-crafted look
  • 1 1/2 “ Snap Lock Panel for a more modern appeal

Both types of metal roof panels can be done in copper, stainless steel, galvanized painted steel, and aluminum.

Fichtner Services utilizes a mobile metal panel machine, providing on-site manufacturing of metal roof panels. This saves time and money by bringing the production plant to you!

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Maryland Metal Roofing Contractor

Fichtner Services is one of only a few Maryland based roofing contractors who owns a mobile metal roof panel machine. This machine enables the metal roofing panels to be formed on-site to create a perfect fitting metal roofing system that looks great. It also enables us to get your project done more quickly.

While other roofing contractors have to wait around for distributors to make the panels, Fichtner Services can create panels on-site. When other roofing contractors come up a panel short at the end of the job and have to wait for more to be made, Fichtner Services can just run off another panel with no delay!

In addition to the mobile metal roof panel machine, Fichtner Services also has a Shear, used to cut flat sheets down to the proper width, and a Folder, or Brake, used to bend angles into the metal to create various pieces needed for flashing, drip edge, coping, etc.

Watch the Shear in Action

Before & After Metal Roof Installation

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Benefits of Metal Roofing

Aesthetics & Style

One of the most obvious benefits of metal roofing is the aesthetic appeal. Standing seam metals give a home a distinctive look that is unrivaled by other types of roofing materials.

Whether you want a few metal roofing accents or an entire metal roof over your home, the results will be stunning.


Metal roofs can last 75 years or more and may just be the only roof you ever put on your home or building! While a metal roof may be more expensive to install initially, it will last 2 – 3 times longer than a traditional asphalt shingle roof. A metal roof is naturally non-combustible, will not deteriorate and can withstand all weather elements, including wind and hail, better than other roofing materials.

Energy Efficiency

Many metal roofs are energy efficient, reflecting the sun’s rays instead of absorbing them. This can reduce your heating and cooling bill and lower your carbon foot print. An Energy Star rated “cool” metal roof may qualify for state and federal tax credits and incentives.  Go to to find the current offering for rebates on metal roofing.

Learn More About Metal Roofing from Fichtner Services

Fichtner Services provides a wide variety of metal roofing services. From a hand crafted copper barrel roof to an aluminum bay window to an entire steel roof, Fichtner Services can install just about any type of metal roofing system on the market. Contact Fichtner Services today, (410) 519-1900, or schedule your free estimate now: