Roof Coating for Metal Roof and Flat Roof

You can add protection, longevity and energy efficiency to practically any roof with a roof coating. Fichtner Services is an approved roofing contractor for the application of Uniflex roof coatings. Uniflex is a trusted leader in roofing technology, having engineered the industry’s first fluid applied roof coating in 1946. Fichtner Services is an expert in home improvement and roof coating in Annapolis, Maryland.

Roof Coating Process

Applying Uniflex roof coating to your metal roof or flat roof is simple. Once you’ve met with our sales representative and selected the material, color and other options, our crew will come out to prepare your roof. This will involve sanding and scrubbing to create a smooth surface for roof coating to adhere to. Next, we will apply a primer layer and finally the roof coating. Uniflex is a division of The Sherwin-Williams Company, giving you access to an entire rainbow of colors for a truly custom look.

Benefits of Roof Coatings

Roof Coatings Increase Longevity

Fichtner Services offers a variety of roof coatings, from aluminum roof coating to elastometric roof coatings and rubber roof coatings. Each roof coating is made of special material designed to adhere to the surface of the roof and form a protective barrier.

Uniflex roof coatings can be an excellent alternative to a metal roof or flat roof repair. By using a protective roof coating, you can avoid the expense of tearing off and disposing of your old roof, as well as the cost for a roof replacement. A roof coating can add years or even decades to the life of your roof.

Uniflex Roof Coatings Are Backed By Long Term Warranties

Choosing Fichtner Services for roof coating means you’ll be able to take advantage of manufacturers warranties. Uniflex offers long term warranties including 10-year and 15-year labor and material warranties. Uniflex roof coatings are highly durable and well suited for any climate, including the mid-Atlantic region.

Roof Coatings Save Energy

Uniflex roof coatings are Engery Star Rated, capable of reducing energy costs. That’s because the Uniflex roof coating is reflective, helping to reduce cooling cost and energy use. Some utility providers offer incentives for reflective roof coatings.

Another benefit of Uniflex roof coatings is their superior water resistance. A roof coating is an effective way to water proofing a roof including flat roofs. Uniflex roof coating also provides rust prevention, ideal for protecting metal roofs.


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These products provide both moisture and thermal protection, ENERGY STAR®-certified efficiency, extreme durability, and cool roofing solutions on virtually any surface, for any job, and for every application.

Roof Coating Before and After Photos, Annapolis, Maryland

Roof Coating Before and After Photos, Annapolis, Maryland

Choose Fichtner Services for Roof Coating in Annapolis, Maryland

As an authorized roofing contractor for Uniflex roof coating, Fichtner Services provides skillful, worry-free installation, with knowledgeable sales staff and friendly customer service to help you through every phase of the project. Find out how you can save money on your roof replacement with a Uniflex roof coating. Contact Fichtner Services today, (410) 519-1900, or schedule your free consultation & estimate now:

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