Cedar siding is an excellent choice for homeowners in Annapolis, Maryland who want a beautiful, sustainable siding product. Annapolis based Fichtner Services is a Cedar Shakes & Shingle Bureau Approved Installer, offering homeowners a great selection of cedar siding products including cedar shakes, cedar shingles, board and batten siding and a variety of corner treatments and trim options.

Cedar Siding Transformation

Before and After Cedar Siding on Annapolis Home by Fichtner Services

These Annapolis homeowners hired Fichtner Services to replace their roof, gutters and siding. They selected Maibec Eastern White Cedar Shingle Siding in color Driftwood. Maibec, the largest manufacturer of Eastern white cedar shingles in North America, offers genuine wood cedar shingles with timeless beauty and durability. This custom siding project was completed with woven corners for an attractive, low maintenance finish.

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Why Choose a Cedar Shake and Shingle Bureau Approved Installer?

Fichtner Services is a CSSB Approved InstallerFichtner Services is proud to be one of only nine CSSB Approved Installers in the state of Maryland. This certification is only complete after a detailed application process that includes a written exam. Approved Installers must detail their experience with cedar materials and prove their professional integrity by showing proof of adequate liability coverage, workers’ compensation, and a workmanship guarantee.

As an Approved Installer, Fichtner Services is able to offer the 20/25 year limited warranty backed by the Cedar Shake and Shingle Bureau on behalf of their manufacturers.

How Is Cedar Siding Made?

Benefits of Cedar Siding

Is cedar shingle siding a good choice?
Absolutely! Cedar is a hardwood that is well suited for residential siding. It is a beautiful, durable, renewable siding material that can give your home a truly custom look.

Other than the unique look, many homeowners are attracted to the eco-benefits that come with cedar siding:

Renewable Building Material
Cedar siding materials can be recycled (biodegradable) as well as rejuvenated. Since 1970, North American forests have grown 20%.

Low Environmental Impact
Compared to other building materials like brick, stone or cement, cedar manufacturing has a very low impact on air and water quality. In addition, forest rejuvenation helps to further mitigate environmental impact. Cedar siding on a home will also absorb carbon dioxide, making it a truly carbon neutral building material.

Minimal Waste
Of each tree harvested, 95% goes into useful product. The remaining 5% (branches, etc) are left on the floor of the forest to biodegrade into rich compost for future harvests. Cedar siding can also be made from reclaimed wood structures like bridges and utility poles.

Cedar Roof Repair

This home in Arnold, MD features Cedar Shingle Siding.

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Cedar Siding FAQs

How much does Cedar Siding cost?
The cost of cedar siding depends on several factors including the square footage of your house and quality of product chosen. Fichtner Services offers free estimates for cedar siding. New customers can also take advantage of our $500 off special!

How long does Cedar Siding last?
Cedar siding that has been properly installed and maintained can last up to 50 years. Fichtner Services is able to offer excellent warranties on product manufacturing and installation as a Cedar Shingle and Shake Bureau Approved Installer. The quality of product, stain, sealant or paint will also contribute to the performance and longevity of your cedar siding.

Do I need to worry about insect damage?
Cedar siding is highly resistant to insects. That said, you should choose a stain, paint and/or sealant to protect your investment.

How does Cedar Siding perform in adverse weather conditions?
Cedar siding is extremely durable and has been used on homes throughout North America for hundreds of years. Still, exposure is a concern, so you should protect your investment with a sealant, stain and/or paint to further improve its performance and weather resistance.

What is the difference between Cedar Shakes and Cedar Shingles?
Generally speaking, shingles are more precise and uniform in appearance, while shakes have a more rustic or craftsman appearance. A cedar shingle is sawn on both ends and tends to be thinner at the butt. Shakes are sawn on one end and split at the other, making it slightly thicker at the butt.

What is board and batten siding?
This is a traditional siding style that alternates wide and narrow vertical boards. This look has a very straight, smooth appearance.

What are the alternatives to wood siding?
Fichtner Services offers several options for residential siding including genuine wood and alternatives like vinyl siding and cement board siding. Many of these products rival the look of actual wood with lower maintenance and/or lower cost. Fichtner Services is also a CertainTeed Contractor, offering a full line of products including WeatherBoards™, a fiber cement alternative and Cedar Impressions®, which are made of polymer.

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