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A Letter from Tom Fichtner

Owner of Fichtner Services

Raise your hand if you are ready for 2020 to be over! Can we PLEASE get to 2021 already? Obviously a crazy year, but an interesting one as well.  Covid-19 has been the headline, but hopefully, we are navigating our way through it and we can get a fresh start in 2021! 

The weather has been another crazy factor this year. In the last few months in Maryland, we have had a hurricane, hail storm, tornado, and multiple days where it rained about 4” in a few hours. This tends to make roofers very busy! Hopefully, we have been able to get to everyone without too much delay. One thing I will say about storms like we’ve had is that it brings storm chasers into the area. Please be careful with these smooth talkers! Most of them have no vested interest in our community so they care little about their local reputation. This means they can cut corners without consequence. Have you ever heard of the “TAILLIGHT WARRANTY”??? Once you see their taillights, no more warranty! Make sure that when you hire a company to work on your house, you get an insurance certificate from them with your name listed on it and make sure that you are listed as an additional insured. The certificate needs to be sent from a legitimate insurance company, not from the company you hired! 

Speaking of being busy, the home improvement industry has been just that. It is an ominous feeling actually, to be busy running around with work when the roads had little to no traffic.  Governor Hogan’s Stay at Home Order actually listed “roofers” as an essential worker so we continued to work through it as safely as possible. It was a good thing he did because we have installed more tarps and fixed more leaks this year than we ever have before.  I am very proud of our Service Department for this.  We are one of only a few local companies that truly offer repair and maintenance services for roofs. If a roof is only 12 years old and has a leak, it does not need to be replaced, it needs to be repaired or maintained, which we are happy to do.  Put it this way: if your car needs an oil change, you don’t need a new car, you just need to get it serviced!  

An interesting job we took on this year was a Tesla Solar Shingle installation in California. Tesla flew me and 6 of my guys out to Los Angeles to do this installation. We were there for about 2 weeks and it went well, but we were in Los Angeles when they declared a state of emergency and began shutting things down, which was a little stressful! We flew home safely, but we almost decided to drive our rental van roughly 4,000 miles home.  The Tesla Solar shingle, and others like it, has a big future!  

As always, I would like to say thank you to all of you for your business, support, and faith in us to take care of your home!

Thank you,


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